If you have a Pinterest page, you are past the biggest hurdle of setting it up! Congratulations! Now what? There are many opportunities to capitalize on this social media platform to increase visibility of your business. When thinking about what you can do to add to your brand’s awareness on Pinterest, keep these helpful hints in mind:

Play Well Together

Integrate Pinterest into your other social media platforms like Facebook. Use other communications methods like Google+, Twitter, Instagram and email blasts to let everyone know to follow you.  Where possible, include a link to the page.

Brand Your Content

Brand your images on Pinterest with a logo or company name. Pinterest is all about sharing so when your images are shared, a little piece of you goes with it!  For those who have never heard of you, that watermark or logo could be the first introduction.

Be a Good Neighbor

In the digital neighborhood of Pinterest, reach out and follow other pages or individuals you like and comment where appropriate on their content. Repin content you like as well.  You know how good it feels when followers notice your images so return the favor and see support for your page grow.

Tag It

Use @tags so the Pinterest community knows when you are interacting with them and use #hashtags for keywords that help in identifying you. It’s worth noting that Pinterest is searchable and hashtags and keywords are extremely helpful in that regards.

You will need to invest a little time in perusing the site and interacting with the content but that little bit of time can pay off big when the community starts noticing you. And the added bonus is this type of exposure is free to set up and manage on your own. Now get out there and start pinning!