Videos can be a powerful and entertaining way to engage your audience and draw much needed eyeballs to your website.  Making the most of this visual media shows your audience that you are tech savvy, current with today’s trends and able to relate to a broad spectrum of potential buyers. If you are still not certain about the viability of adding video to your website, stew on these three reasons:

  1. Drives traffic to your website

Video is a great way to get more people to your site and keep them there longer.  Placing links in your social media feed will spark traffic to your website to watch the video and when the viewer is done, they are in a perfect position to explore the website further.

  1. Visually demonstrate your business and show some personality

If you need more than words to explain what you do, video is the right tool for you.  Not only does it show functional aspects of a product but it can also show the emotional or beneficial side of a service.  Video can also show testimonials, do-it-yourself tutorials or best practices that a viewer would find interesting.  Videos on your website function as an extension of the brand personality, what a consumer associates with the brand and its values.

  1. Show off your smarts and establish yourself as an expert

Use video to create an extended look at your industry or geographic region with a deeper dive into subject matter related to your business. You can even use these videos to share with media so they have a firsthand look at your skill in front of a camera.

Adding video to your website will help you stand out among your competition, engage your audience more fully and give your brand a personal relationship with your target market.