Social media is a landmine of mistakes waiting to happen. You can minimize those mishaps by taking extra care in how you navigate your social media presence.  Start by taking these situations under consideration:

Platforms Not Integrated

Having multiple social media sites is great but it doesn’t help your brand if those sites feel disconnected.  Integrate your brand across platforms.  You don’t have to have the same images on all the sites but all of them should look like they belong to the same brand.  For instance, if you sell shoes and handbags, your Facebook page shouldn’t have only images of handbags but it should have a product mix that appeals to that platform. If you have a dressed down Instagram page, you may never get another chance to entice those followers to check out your Pinterest page because they will think it will be just as boring or uninspired. You could miss an opportunity to get in front of them again.

Not Posting Enough Content or Relevant Content

Social media is a beast that must be fed.  Posting once a week is probably not enough. To engage current followers or to add new followers, they need to see fresh content on a consistent basis. Put together a schedule of content so you can easily post 2-3 times a day.

Unprofessional Interactions with Followers

The first reaction when finding an unflattering comment on your site is to be angry or dismissive. Rise above it and think about the root or source of the comment. Is it possible the writer has a reason to be dissatisfied?  Even if you think the negative comment is without merit, don’t air your feelings online.  That could erupt into a war of words that only hurts your reputation and standing. Ignoring the post makes you look out of touch and like you don’t care about the situation.  Instead, take the high road and apologize for any ill treatment or dissatisfaction and offer to involve the commenter in the process of making it right. Offer to talk to them personally, refund their money or some other form of consideration.  How you react reflects on your brand so make it a positive reaction.

Social media can be a positive and rewarding experience for your brand or business. Take the time to interact correctly and you could see a pay off in the end.