Facebook is either the greatest communication platform ever created or the biggest taker of free time in the world. Either way, you can’t argue that it is a game changer! Having a Facebook profile is necessary and if you follow these four steps, you can maximize its effectiveness to build your brand:
1. Use professional photography
The first step and most obvious is in putting together a killer Facebook profile is to use a professional photography for your pictures. Specifically the thumbnail size image that shows up when you interact on Facebook. Depending on if you are an independent service provider or a team or a small size company, you may choose to use your company logo or maybe a team photo for the thumbnail photo. If you are an individual, feel free use a photo of yourself but not a selfie!
Whatever you choose, it should be done by a professional photographer or created by a professional graphic designer. Nothing says “amateur” more than a photo taken by your camera phone without proper lighting or background. Candid photos on the fly can be reserved for posts and updates.
2. Choosing the right cover photo
You also have a larger “cover” photo option at your disposal. This photo is viewed when anyone is on your page. Choose a photo that directly reflects your business. If you have a store front, you should have a professional photo of the store front as your cover. If you support a service, consider a stock photo image of that type of business.
3. Create a fan page or business page, not personal page
You may or not be aware that you can do a fan page or business page using Facebook. Well, you can. What’s the difference between those pages and a personal page that you and your friends use now? Using a business page or fan page gives you more opportunities. More people are allowed to follow you, analytics are available about those who interact with you and you can boost certain updates to gain more attention, basically, you can better engage with followers who want to hear from you.
4. Put some personality into your profile
It’s okay to put personality into your Facebook page. You have options to write short and expanded profiles of your business or yourself for the page. This is your time to shine and set yourself apart. Include a clever quote in your profile, a factoid someone doesn’t know about you, or perhaps a few places you have traveled. Show your audience a human side of you.
Whenever possible, fill in all contact information, website links and basic getting to know you information. If you work from a home office or non-traditional space, fill in zip code and city information so your potential clients know what part of town you are in but do not provide access to your home location. Always be safe when listing personal information on a public platform like Facebook.