5 Tips for Describing a Career Pivot on Your LinkedIn Profile

by | Feb 7, 2024

As someone who has made a career pivot, I wanted to share some tips on how to effectively describe your career change on your LinkedIn profile.

Here are five tips to help you effectively communicate your career pivot on your LinkedIn profile:

1. Highlight your transferrable skills: When making a career pivot, you may be transitioning to a new industry or role. Highlighting your transferrable skills can help demonstrate how your previous experience can be applied to your new career.

2. Emphasize your passion and motivation: When making a career pivot, it’s important to communicate why you’re making the change and what motivates you about your new career path. Highlighting your passion and motivation can help demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm for your new career.

3. Use your headline and summary to your advantage: Your LinkedIn headline and summary are two of the most important sections of your profile. Use these sections to communicate your career pivot and why you’re excited about your new direction.

4. Show, don’t tell: Rather than simply saying that you’ve made a career pivot, show how you’ve applied your skills and experience in a new way. Share specific examples of projects you’ve worked on or results you’ve achieved in your new role to demonstrate your competence and adaptability.

5. Leverage your network: Making a career pivot often involves building a new network and establishing credibility in a new industry. Leverage your existing network on LinkedIn and engage with others in your new industry to build new connections and demonstrate your expertise.

By following these tips, you can effectively communicate your career pivot on your LinkedIn profile and showcase your versatility and adaptability as a professional.