Your personal brand speaks to how you are unique in the marketplace. If you don’t have a personal brand but want to build one, think about how to incorporate these ideas into your strategy:

  • Determine your core values – what do you stand for? That is the essence of your brand and what your potential clients will identify with when they first discover you. You cannot be all things to all people so settle on what makes you unique and start branding those values.
  • Volunteer for speaking engagements – start your journey to being an expert by volunteering to speak at meetings, church events, school assemblies or classrooms or a guest speaker for a college professor. These type of speaking engagements starts to brand you as an expert in your field and that is extremely important to building a valid personal brand.
  • Social media presence – make your presence known on social media. Start with one or two platforms like Facebook and Twitter and master interacting with followers in a timely manner.

Incorporate one or more of these ideas into your current marketing and public relations strategy and start building the foundation of a personal brand that you can be proud of.