Tired of waiting around for media to notice you and your business or organization? Media doesn’t always know you are out there with great ideas that everyone should know about. Instead of despairing about why the local news isn’t calling you, create your own media.

Putting together your own camera worthy news can be easy if you use your imagination. Try one of these ideas to boost awareness:

  • Create an event – do something good for the community and organize a family friendly event. Ask the businesses in your area if they want to participate. Try a family picnic with bouncy house at a local park or invite families to your place of business for free popcorn and soda and provide a service that has a donation component to raise money for a charity.
  • Partner with a non-profit – partnering with a non-profit to raise awareness and money can really catch the attention of the media. Choose an organization you feel strongly about and post your event to social media and your website. Hopefully the charity will engage their volunteers and board members and bring you potential clients.
  • Publish an ebook – this may take a little longer to do than other options but publishing a book gives you material you can promote to media.

There are many more ideas to you can use to create your own media. Think about what is right for your area, what your potential clients would respond to and get cracking on making the media come alive!