Facebook added the feature of live streaming to its platform and you may have noticed friends and family and tons of businesses using it.  You might wonder if this tool is right for your business and the quick answer is “of course!”  It works well for any type of business or service but first you need to decide what you have that is worth viewing or talking about.  Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Facebook Live is available on a personal or business page, within a Facebook group or within an event page. To make sure you have it, look for the Live icon which is a human silhouette located in your status bar.
  2. When using Facebook live, set up a broadcast description. That tells the audience the topic or content of the broadcast. Use creative, inviting language to get potential viewers to drop in on the broadcast.
  3. Facebook live requires a camera so make sure you have one on your device. Position the camera to capture what you want it to.  Think about the background if you are in a stationary position or what activities are going on that the viewer might find interesting.
  4. Once you go live, you can see comments during the broadcast. Feel free to tell the audience who is with you, what they are saying and generally engage with the camera like those people are actually there with you!
  5. Ask viewers to sign up for notifications of future broadcasts. Keep in mind that your video can be viewed after the session has ended so you have an opportunity to reach an even wider audience even after the broadcast has concluded.

Facebook Live can be used at a promotional event to show activity, new products or folks gathered to have a good time. Use it as a way to discuss new trends in the market, interview influencers or basically instance in which you would normally do a video, use Facebook Live and capture it in real time.

Using Facebook Live for business is as simple as logging in and clicking the icon. To find out a step-by-step process for getting on Facebook Live, you can visit the easy tutorial created by Facebook to help you get set up at https://live.fb.com/tips/.  Test it out before broadcasting it to a wider audience.