Four Key Video Strategies that will Engage your Clients and Promote your Global Message

As a coach, you probably realized early in your business, that it’s important to have a strong synergy between your clients and yourself. This connection makes it easier to have a dynamic impact in the lives of the people you support within your coaching practice. As a coach, we would love to have every one of our client fit within the zone of our “ideal client” profile, the types of people that we love to work with, people who inspire us and people who make our professional coaching practices feel fun and effortless. This ideal client attraction begins long before the agreements are signed and the magic within your coaching sessions unfolds.

Here’s the challenge, how can we present ourselves authentically in our promotional materials and showcase our unique gifts as coaches, while still using marketing strategies and language that expands our client base? After all, would you agree with the statement that a lot of what goes on inside a coaching relationship is difficult to sum up in one or two sentences.

When clients are looking for a coach, they often find you through one of (3) three  main channels: (1) a speaking engagement, (2) a referral from a friend/colleague, (3) or a visit to your website. The reason speaking and referrals work so well is because your clients can get an immediate sense of your passion and expertise from encountering your directly or from hearing about you through a trusted source.

This is why speaking and referrals are very strong channels for new business. Thee modes will always be at the top of the list in magnetic marketing for new people. Now, with the innovations in video marketing, your website can also be a platform that can be working for you around the clock and around the globe in a strong, intimate and personal way.

The reason speaking and referrals work so well is because your clients can get an immediate sense of your passion and expertise from encountering you directly or from hearing about you from a trusted source. The energy of your style and presence is conveyed to potential clients and this is a big factor in deciding to move forward with the coaching relationship.

Websites on the other hand have traditionally lacked this ability to connect.

Until recently, most personal coaching websites would consist of a flat, one dimensional, online “brochure” about your coaching services with stock photos and general sales language describing your events, retreats and group programs. These brochure websites generally offer a subscription to a monthly newsletter in exchange for an e-mail address from a potential lead. The brochure websites also include a biography about your coaching credentials and, if its a well-crafted, brochure website, a few written testimonials from happy clients.

My apologies if your website still falls within this “brochure” description, however, stay with me, I’m about to offer an alternative to shift your perspective. But ,first a few quick questions, OK?

  • If you’re really honest with yourself, how effective is your current website?
  • What do you offer new people who visit your website?
  • Do potential clients get an immediate sense of who you really are as a person within 30 seconds of landing on your home page?

If your website does very little to build your coaching practice and to generate a steady flow of new clients, then I gently suggest it may be time for a video make-over.

Here are Four Key Videos to Engage your Clients and Broadcast your Personal Energy to Easily Attract an Avalanche of New Business