Just because you set up an Instagram account doesn’t mean followers will fall into your lap. That takes some work and creativity.  With a little time and effort, you can grow your Instagram following and impact your brand awareness. To start making the most of Instagram, focus on these three objectives:

Where are My Followers?

To boost your audience on Instagram, make sure followers can find you through relevant hashtags.  Think about what your audience is interested in and might already be following and tailor your content and accompanying hashtags to increase awareness and find you easier. For instance, if your business is a publication, you can hashtag your name as well as the type of content you promote like #fashionnewyork if you are a lifestyle and fashion publication or #cookingvegan if you are a food publication.

Communicate With Your Audience

Instagram is not a static platform but requires engagement not only through fresh content but by actually engaging followers.  Respond to comments, acknowledge a new follower and start following those who follow you.  Definitely communicate with followers who are influencers. When you show up in their feed, it attracts the attention of their vast audience.

Create a Schedule

Posting on a consistent basis gives your audience something to look forward. Create a schedule of when and what times you want to post.  Keep track of that data to determine the best times to post.  You can find out quite a lot about what content your followers interact with and what time of the day is the highest visibility time to post.  Strategically use this information to improve content and encourage engagement.

Having an Instagram account is not a “set it and forget it” activity. Spend a few minutes each day viewing, responding and engaging to your audience and reap the benefits of new followers and better brand positioning. Happy Instagraming!