Utilizing social media platforms like YouTube can bring you much needed visibility and increased opportunities to build your business. Being smart about how to use YouTube will reap benefits and maximize your exposure. When using this platform, keep these tips in mind:

Make your description field work for you!

Using video is a great way to loop your audience into your overall business offerings. To make it easier for your audience to transition to your main website, be sure to include your website in the description so they can click directly to it.  Also, add relevant links about the content you are discussing in the video.  Let it be a resource for your viewer.

Change up your background

The same old same old gets boring and doesn’t inspire your followers to come back to your channel.  Change up your background to support new promotions or holidays. Make sure you stay in line with your branding across all social media properties when making these changes. You want to stay exciting and fresh but you don’t want your regular viewers to be disoriented by a new look.

Keep it informational and entertaining

If you truly want to advertise on YouTube, consider buying space across the platform. But when uploading video content, stick to what is informational or entertaining. Your viewers are much more likely to share and like content that provides substantive information and commentary rather than an advertisement. The goal is to get viewers who will share your message!

When creating content, tag it with appropriate keywords and also put those in your description to increase searchability or SEO. And it goes without saying to add other social media links to your description so your viewers can find you anywhere!