There are new exciting ways to get your message out to the public. Many of these ways utilize electronic or social media platforms. Most of these options are free to sign up for and can be very helpful in your marketing and publicity strategies. Let’s review a few of these options:

Social media

  • Within social media platforms there are dozens to choose from. The most popular for business are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. These platforms are great for sharing photos, links and general information. Keep in mind that these platforms are meant to be interactive. Meaning, expect engagement (good and bad) on the site. You should have someone dedicated to managing, answering and posting for maximum exposure. You can even “friend” or “tag” media contacts in Facebook posts so they can see your good news and drum up interest for an interview.

Electronic media

  • Electronic media is email blasts, enewsletters and the like. There are a few free email services like MailChimp that allow a set number of emails per month to 2000 emails or less for free. Electronic media especially enewsletters gives you an opportunity to create a branded communication piece that showcases your efforts and relevant news. No competing with other businesses for space and attention.

Managing these options can be time consuming if you decide to delve into multiple platforms. You may want to start with one or two and see how they work for you before expanding to more options.