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• All of your marketing assets integrated under one roof
• Move beyond the tech frustration of online business development
• Work with an agency experienced in the self-improvement marketplace, including 15 years of author, speaker, coach marketing



What We Do


As soon as we start working together, we are laser-focused on one thing: launching your online personal development business. From growing your email list with creative and inspiring lead magnets and filling your calendar with discovery calls for potential leads to fully-built websites, online courses, and private coaching programs, we start where you are.

We utilize our intuition to craft your unique brand message, client offers, and pricing strategies and bundle that with an in-depth knowledge of premium marketing automation platforms to have your personal development business up & running – mostly in the background – before you can say MEOW!

Who We Are

A team of experienced creatives and online business tech strategists ready to dig in and put in the work to curate, research, and implement to help authors, speakers, and coaches achieve their dreams of living the laptop lifestyle.

We believe that connecting with our clients on a deeper level – where we know the “why” behind their passion – is one of the most important parts of a personal development marketing strategy. The Orange Cat Content Agency team is all about connecting with our clients on a more personal level – no cat & mouse games here.

Meet The Team

Integrated Personal Development Marketing

Elevating leads and sales for Life Coaches, Authors, and Public Speakers

Extensive Experience in Personal Development Marketing

Orange Cat Content has experience working with coaches, authors, and speakers in the personal development, health, and wellness marketplace. We’re knowledgeable about the platforms, strategies, and everything you don’t know you don’t know.

Integrated Communications and Marketing Assets

We can work with your CRM or get you started in a new one. We have a Keap Certified Partner on the team who can set you up with the automation necessary to grow your business in the background while you work with your clients.

Personal Growth Marketing & Creation

We do it all under one roof. There’s no need to hire and manage several specialists. Our services range from digital & traditional marketing (email campaigns, website development, online ads, press releases) to deliverable implementation (online communities, e-courses, and training programs).

Meet Kristen White

Kristen White is the founder of C.A.T.S. Networking, a women empowering women entrepreneurs biz growth community. She’s the Big Cat @, a boutique digital marketing agency for Coaches, Authors, Thought Leaders, and Speakers in the personal development marketplace. With her background in TV news and filmmaking, she supports speakers at

Kristen specializes in Messaging and Visibility strategies for entrepreneurs. You can connect with her for a complimentary session on your Brand Voice.

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