There was a time when pinning referred to sewing or writing. Now, pinning is an act of creative empowerment on the social media site, Pinterest.  Crash course in what Pinterest is and does:

Pinterest is a visual platform that allows users to share images and video within segment visual categories the user creates called boards and on these boards the user can share their own content or content from others boards. Pinterest encourages browsing and discovering new content and posting it known as pinning.

Now that you know what Pinterest is, here’s a crash course in how you can use it to boost your business:

  1. Upload images that are creative, exciting and “pinnable”.


Your followers want to engage with images and content that moves them and also gives them a reason to add it to their board. 80% of all pins are re-pins meaning the majority of content on Pinterest involves a user actively engaging with the content then pinning to their board to share with others. Powerful stuff. Make your images count.


  1. Think outside the box


Pin infographics, text, or videos that can help with SEO traffic to your website. Think of all the exposure that out of the ordinary pins (remember 80% of pins are re-pins) can get you. Make sure you caption your images with brand consistent language so that you reinforce the brand and what you do. Pinning should complement your brand, not make people go “umm, not sure what this means.”


  1. It’s not about you all the time

The great thing about social media is the sharing. So share the love and feature pins that are not only your own but other interesting images that you find on the site or that you pin on the internet. This is a wonderful outlet for promoting the lifestyle behind your brand or the core social values the brand holds.

Pinterest can be a fun and valuable tool for expanding your brand and giving it depth through images, video and infographics. A picture is worth a thousand words so the saying goes. Let Pinterest say those words for you.