Not on Instagram yet?  Think it’s too hard to get started? Well, it’s easier than you think to set up an account and start populating it with great visual images that speak volumes about you and your brand.  Now let’s get started:

Ready, Set, Go!

Set up an account and utilize your logo.  Take advantage of the description area to give a concise, creative narrative on your business.  Include a link to your website in it as well. Make sure your brand on Instagram is consistent with your branding on all other platforms.  Doesn’t have to be exactly the same images but should have the same feel.

Give the People What They Want

Post images that are appealing to a wide audience or to your target audience.  Don’t get too salesy or commercial.  No one wants to follow one, long advertisement.  Providing a mix of relevant images and fun entertaining content will keep followers coming back for more.

What Kind of Images Work Best?

No matter what your business is, choose images that are high resolution.  Go with a mix of lifestyle images combined with product or service related brand images. If you have a promotion going, post images related to it and invite followers to be a part of a contest to get them to share your images more often.  Maybe an exclusive offer for Instagram followers could work wonders in gaining you new followers.

Instagram is a great platform to share and cultivate awareness and spread your message through pictures. Can you picture yourself on Instagram? Hopefully these quick tips will help you get motivated to take a chance on Instagram.