WMA often employs the old adage, “two heads are better than one”, as they apply to how you leverage partnerships and alliances for publicity.  Many advantages can be gained with a dual efforts campaign, whether through a small business partnership or finding another personal brand to collaborate with, including:


Reduce time and labor

Half the work for twice the benefit is a very possible outcome when you join forces with a compatible organization to spread the word about your product or service.  For example, if you are releasing a book on healthy eating, partner with an organic oriented restaurant for the book release.  You AND the restaurant will promote the event, you bring business to the restaurant from your book signers, the restaurant may help you get more books sold by promotion to their customers on their website, social media platforms and email list.

Reduce costs of promotion

When you partner with another entity that has facilities you can use to hold an event, you reduce your costs of promotion by leveraging a free space to hold the event.  If you partner with a media outlet, you could potentially reduce your advertising costs or they could run ads as part of a partnership.  Strategically aligning with a group who has mastered social media could give you thousands more views to your website than you could get on your own.  Think about what you need for promotion and if there is an appropriate organization that could be a good partner.


Gain a new audience

Lots of time, money and effort are put into building awareness.  With a partnership or alliance, you could potentially be exposed to a new world of clients or customers.  They in turn will be introduced to a new option in the marketplace.

Remember you need to provide something in return for a true partnership to work. This is not about taking and not giving.  Be prepared to “sell” your idea to the organization you are wooing.  They will want to know what you can offer.  Think about our own social media presences, opportunities to promote on your own website, any upcoming public engagements that you can promote the alliance.

Once you can demonstrate you are a great partner, you can use this to leverage other partnerships down the road.  Show reciprocity and a genuine enthusiasm for the partnership!