Getting noticed is not always easy. So much noise from competitors can cause distractions to the public really seeing you as a viable alternative in the business landscape but it’s not impossible.

Try these tactics at least once a month for six to 12 months to see results:

1. Community outreach
What’s your favorite charity or your favorite cause? Volunteer your time and services to that cause. Ask for a link on their website for that time. Most charities work on a shoestring budget and welcome any professional services that are free of charge and would jump at the chance to have you for the cost of adding a link to their website. And most charities will publicize any new free services providers in their newsletters or email blasts so make sure you ask about inclusion.

2. Giveaways
Pens, t-shirts and fans. You name it and your name or logo can be printed on it. Think of creative giveaways that potential clients would use. Writing pens, note pads and refrigerator magnets are a few old favorites most people carry around or use daily. Think outside the box too. The way to get noticed is to stay top-of-mind and these types of giveaways makes your name and business much easier to remember.

3. Do something!
Get out in the community and do something visible. Host morning office hours with coffee and donuts or bagels. Conduct free seminars on best practices in your industry. Conduct free classes to the public. Whatever you do, invite the media. They like feel good, give back type of stories for the early evening broadcasts.

4. Board membership has its privileges
Become a board member for a non-profit organization. Boards generally have a mix of corporate, community and citizens as its members. Utilize this great combination of diverse backgrounds to mingle with in order to get noticed. New board members are sometimes announced in the local newspaper so have a head shot ready for publication. Be sure to post that link to your website, social media and add to your signature line in your email. Your core group is your biggest fan and they can share your good news with their group and that can lead to all kinds of wonderful exposure!

5. Networking
No one will promote YOU more than you will so get out there and network. Know a 15 and 30 second “elevator” speech about who you are and what you do. Be creative. Yes you have been in sales for 15 years but maybe you say “making dreams come true” for 15 years. It invites the listener to ask more and sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Don’t just had out cards, stand back and listen too. Pick your favorite networking events and attend those regularly. You don’t need to overdo it by attending everything all the time. Only the ones you enjoy.

Bottom line is standing out and getting noticed takes extra work. To truly get exposure you will have to determine how many additional hours a month you can spend on those efforts. Once you determine that, try the above activities and see what works for you. Good luck!