Visual social media platforms are all the rage and none more so than Pinterest. It may seem overwhelming to get started but begin with these first small steps to setting up an account. You’ll be posting like a pro in now time.  Let’s get started!

Purpose: Business or Personal?

Think about the purpose of the account when setting it up.  If it is business related, include your corporate logo and use the corporate name.  You can set up a business account as opposed to a personal account so determine which one you want to use and move forward. To get started, go to the Pinterest business center located at You can find all of the Pin It tools, a Pinterest for Business Guide to download and much more.

Words, Words, Words

Use keywords in your Pinterest description. Keywords help with search and helps distinguish you from other similar businesses. Speaking of descriptions, add your links to other social media sites in this area.  Make the most of this space to promote your other social media sites.

Getting Traction with Pinterest

Setting up your account and adding keywords is just the beginning.  Once you’ve completed those tasks, look at your other social media and web properties and start identifying content that is “pinnable”.  Add Pin It and Follow Me buttons to websites to promote your page.  Again, the business center will have those items for you so take advantage of it!

Take a little time to set up your account properly before putting out in the world. This is the beginning of an amazing creative journey so get started!