Television is the Holy Grail for those seeking to increase brand awareness.  It is considered the most glamorous of the media options for a reason. But is it the right outlet to share your message?  It could be if you know that you can:

  • Reach a wide audience

Television can reach tens of thousands of viewers on a given day, possibly hundreds of thousands.  An opportunity to interview on a local show or the news means you reach individuals who don’t know about you.  This is a great time to educate them about you and what you have to offer!

  • Become an authority regularly seen on the news

When pitching to a producer, send a clip of a past interview.  The more television appearances you make, the more other media outlets want to interview you.  This could result in consistent exposure for you. Television news teams want to go with a proven and experienced interviewee who can give them the content they need to create a story.

  • Opportunity for a call to action

You are not necessarily encouraged to “sell” anything during a news interview but you can ask if your website or twitter handle or something of that nature can be included with your name on screen.  If doing a local lifestyle interview, you can generally go more in depth on your project, talk about any upcoming events and discuss your web presence and social media handles.

Television can be a major boost for a project to take off to the next level. Take advantage of that air time to get your name out there!

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