Social media is visual and reaches an audience with nice, crisp images.  Some images  are better than others so taking the time to post the right ones is essential to creating a high end, competent brand image. Look for these traits in any image you post:

Create Lifestyle Images

Photos have tell a story in one snapshot are one of the best ways to capture the essence of your brand or company image.  Think of natural scenarios that might reflect a personal feeling about your brand.  Using models, outdoor settings, action oriented situations or real life customers are great ways to create a lifestyle scene with extra punch.  People are more adapt to relate to your product or business if they see something of themselves in the photos you post to social media.

Properly Edit all Images

Start by using high resolution photos for your posts.  Crisp, clear photos look more professional than blurry, fuzzy looking images.  Make sure the images are cropped and sized.  Use a tool like Photoshop to resize images without losing resolution.

Square Photos are Best

Sites like Instagram will automatically load your image as a square but if you can edit it beforehand, you lessen the risk of the platform cropping out important sections of the photo when it is uploaded.

Your brand is reinforced with great photography so choosing and curating the right images for your social media sites is key.  Pay attention to the pictures you post and give your followers something truly interesting reason to come back and see you again and again.