Getting an edge and keeping it is the Holy Grail that everyone seeks in the business world. Much like the elusive grail, making your business more desirable and stand out can seem like an uphill battle. How does your business get noticed and set it apart from the masses?  If you are the boss, you may have to dig deeper and brand yourself in order to break through to the next level.   How do you start branding yourself?

Brand your online persona  

  • Go online to start branding yourself.  Become active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media sites.  Keep your comments positive and helpful as you interact on those sites. A friend of a friend might see a recent post and take an interest in your company.  Your reputation WILL precede you online. Any publicity is good publicity is not true. Unflattering information, pictures or comments that can be found online are not a good thing and destroy all your brand building efforts.

Have a concise 30 second elevator speech, not a 30 minute dissertation

  • This is one of the biggest public relations and personal branding opportunities you have available to you. Know what and how your company can contribute to the bottom line of a potential client. And be able to explain it in less than 30 seconds, no longer than one minute.  This is your opportunity to tout your own horn and showcase your company too!

Become an expert

  • Leverage your connections with bloggers and other media to boost your brand.  Be a guest blogger or columnist.  Contributing to other sites or publications sets you up as an expert in your field.  Being an expert increase your personal brand.

Treat yourself like a marketable commodity and employ public relations or personal branding techniques to get you noticed, keep you noticed and move your business forward.